Dharamshala Mcleodganj

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hotels and Guest Houses in Mcleodganj

Hotels, Guest houses and Lodges in Mcleod Ganj and Dharamsala(Dharamshala) with Telephone Numbers/Contacts

DHARAMSALA Zip Code(Postal code)-176219, TelePhone Code : 01892
+91 -1892 (IF CALLING FROM OUTSIDE INDIA) DHARAMSALA AREA TELEPHONE CODE-(01892) Hotels and Guest Houses in Mcleodganj

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Aakash Guest House, Jogiwara Rd.McleodGanj01892- 221990
Ashiana GH, ForsythGanj01892-221276
Bhagsu Hotel HPTDC, McleodGanj01892-221091
Cheryton Cottage, McleodGanj01892-221993
Chinar Lodge, McleodGanj01892-221767-327
Chonor House, McleodGanj01892-221006
Club House HPTDC, McleodGanj01892-220834
Dreamland GH, McleodGanj01892-221490
Ekant Lodge, McleodGanj01892-221593
Freedom Palace, McleodGanj01892-220378
Friends Cornor, McleodGanj01892-221333
Glenmoor Cottages, McleodGanj01892-221010
Green Hotel, McleodGanj01892-221200
Him View Hotel, J.Rd., McleodGanj01892-
Him Queen Hotel, McleodGanj01892-221861-1184
Himalaya GH, McleodGanj01892-221223
India House Hotel, McleodGanj01892-221144
Kailash Hotel, McleodGanj01892-221044
Kailwood Guest House, McleodGanj01892-221408
Kalsang Guest House , McleodGanj01892-221709
Kareri Lodge, McleodGanj01892-221132
Kongpo Guest House, McleodGanj01892-221086
Krishna GH, Temple Rd., McleodGanj01892-220327
Kunga Guest House, McleodGanj01892-221180
Ladies Venture, Jogiwara Rd., McleodGanj01892-221559
Lhasa Guest House, Bus Stand, McleodGanj01892-221824
Loling GH, TIPA Rd., McleodGanj01892-221072
Losseling GH, Main Baazar., McleodGanj01892-
Lotus Leaf , Jogiwara Rd., McleodGanj01892-221411
 Mount View Hotel, Jogiwara Rd., McleodGanj01892-221382
Namgyal Guest House , McleodGanj01892-221200
Namtso Guest House , McleodGanj01892-221415
Natraj Holiday Resort, McleodGanj01892-221529
Om Hotel, Below Kailash Hotel, McleodGanj01892-221322
Paljor Ghakyil Guest House01892-221343
Pema Thang Guest House01892-221871
Rajindra PGH ForsythGanj01892-221562
Seven Hills Guest House, McleodGanj01892-221580
Shangrilla Guest House, McleodGanj01892-221161
Shiwalik Guest House, McleodGanj01892-221326
Shree Guest House, McleodGanj9418317467
Snow Line, McleodGanj01892-221289
Snow Palace, McleodGanj01892-221291
Surya Resort, McleodGanj01892-221418-20
Takhiyal GH , McleodGanj01892-221332
Tara GH , McleodGanj01892-221181
Tashi Khangsar Lodge, McleodGanj01892-221026
Tenwang Guest House, McleodGanj01892-221240
Tibet Hotel, Bhasgu Road, McleodGanj01892-221587
Tibetan Ashoka Guest House, McleodGanj01892-221763
Yellow Guest House , McleodGanj01892-221754
Yonten Guest House , McleodGanj01892-221509
ZKL Guest House, McleodGanj01892-221581
Pause Dwelling01892-221035
Bhagsu (Bhagsunag) / Dharamkot Area Hotels and Guest Houses
Anand Palace, Bhagsunag01892-220506,07
Asian Huts Bhagsunag01892-221687
Bhagsuview Guest House, Bhagsu01892-221968
Conifer Cottage, Dharamkot01892-226014
Dev Cottages, Dharamkot01892-221558
Gagan Resort, Dharamkot01892-220324
Highland Hotel, Bhagsunag01892-220501,  94180-45584
Kamal Guest House,Dharamkot.01892-
Meghavan Holiday Resort, Bhagsu01892-221277-835
Hotel Eagles Nest, Upper Dharamkot01892 221920 /220793
New Blue Heaven Dharamkot01892-221005
Oak View Bhagsunag01892-221530
Omni Guest House Bhagsunag01892-221489
Pink White Guest House ,Bhagsu01892-221927
Royal Palace Bhagsu01892-220962
Sagar Cottage, Gallu, Dharamkot01892-220318
Sambyal GH Bhagsu01892-221228
Sangam Hotel, Bhagsu01892-221013
Seven Seas Bhagsu01892-221122
Shivalay Guest House, Dharamkot01892-220087
Spring Valley, Bhagsunag01892-221248
Triund Hotel, Bhagsunag01892-221122-528

Naddi, Satobri, Dal Lake Area Hotels and Guest Houses

 Sahima Hotel, Naddi01892-221505
Anupam Resort Naddi01892-221625
Asia Health Resort, Satobri.01892-220877-909-10
Divyansh Hotel, Naddi01892-
Ess & Bee Naddi01892-221095
Hill View GH Naddi01892-221432
Himgiri Huts Naddi01892-221898
Jukaso Palace Naddi01892-221336
Lake View  Naddi01892-220374
Nishad Resorts Naddi01892-221707
Shikhar GH Naddi01892-221358, 948
Shiva G.H. Naddi01892-221833
Snow Retreat, Naddi01892-220255
Snow Crest Inn, Naddi9418086608
Udeechi Huts, Naddi.01892-221781
Valley View, Satobri01892-220091
Hotels in and around Dharamsala Town
Dharamsala( Lower Dharamsala/Dharamshala ) Hotels and Guest Houses
Akriti Hotel, Cantt.01892-223137
B.Mehra, Catt.Rd.01892-223582
Centre Point, Civil Line01892-229599
Chamunda Delx GH, Khaniara Rd.01892-225608
Clouds End Cottages01892-222109
Country Lodge, Ram Nagar01892-224472
Dhauladhar Hotel TDC01892-224926
Dhauladhar View , K.B.01892-222889
Gagan GH01892-220577
Gulmarg GH , K.B.01892-224339
Heaven Heritage Hotel, Old Chari Rd.01892-222596
Hill View Hotel01892-224142
Holiday Home Hotel, Gurudwara Rd.01892-224142
Kashmir House TDC01892-222977
Krishna Hotel01892-225148
Mayur GHK.B.01892-222833
Mid Town Hotel, K.B.01892-222810, 3119
Milap GH KB01892-224541
Natraj GH Dari Rd.01892-222627-5527
Padmini GH KB01892-227378
Panaah GH01892-222865
Paradise GH KB01892-224207
Pine Valley Cantt. Rd.01892-226353
Pine View Hotel, Sudher01892-226892
Pong View GH, Cantt. Rd.01892-222271, 4850
Rainbow Lodge, Old Chari Rd01892-222647
Rose Hotel Khn. Rd..01892-223232
Rukmani GH KB01892-223003
Sahib-N-Sahiba GH01892-222432
Sansar Hotel01892-224439
Shanti GH01892-222009
Shiva Hotel, KB01892-222861
Simla Hotel KB01892-223064
Sita Palace , K.B.01892-222498
Sood GH KB01892-224269
Sun-N-Snow Hotel KB01892-222423
Sunrise Tourist Home01892-222593
Surbhi GH, KB01892-224677
Svagat GH, Kh.Rd.01892-224627
Tibetan United Asso., old Chari Rd.01892-226677
U-Pel GH, Tibt. Lib.01892-223301
Vijay Palace GH, Kharadanda Rd.01892-226933
Welcome Heritage Grace, Old Chari Rd.01892-223265, 5267
West Wood GH01892-226687
White Heaven Estate01892-226405-162
Yaksh Hotel, KB01892-223267
Yatri Niwas, HPTDC (The Kunal)01892-223163
Grace Hotel01892-223265
Santushti Home Stay9816088125
Kashmir Cottage, Lib.01892-

Rest Houses In Dharamsala 

Inspection HutDFO, Forest, Dharamsala01892-224887
Inspection Hut, DaulatpurDFO, Forest, Dharamsala01892-224887
Inspection Hut, LapianaDFO, Forest, Dharamsala01892-224887
Inspection Hut, MalanDFO, Forest, Dharamsala01892-224887
Inspection Hut, PandwarDFO, Forest, Dharamsala01892-224887
Inspection Hut, PargodDFO, Forest, Dharamsala01892-224887
Inspection Hut, Rir KumarDFO, Forest, Dharamsala01892-224887
Inspection Hut, SarotriDFO, Forest, Dharamsala01892-224887
Inspection Hut, Uperli KothiDFO, Forest, Dharamsala01892-224887
Rest HouseSuperintending Engineer, HPSEB, Dharamsala01892-224972
Rest HouseSuperintending Engineer, HPSEB, Dharamsala01892-224972
Rest House, BanerSuperintending Engineer, HPSEB, Dharamsala01892-224972
Rest House, BinwaSuperintending Engineer, HPSEB, Dharamsala01892-224972
Rest House, BohrkwaluDFO, Forest, Dharamsala01892-224887
Rest House, KarieriDFO, Forest, Dharamsala01892-224887
Rest House, TriundDFO, Forest, Dharamsala01892-224887
Sidhbari, Kandi and Chaitru Area Hotels and Guest Houses
Dream GH, Gharoh01892-277343
Gulmohar&Abhishek Cottages, Mohali Sidhbari01892-246658
Himalayan Wonder World, Chaitru.01892-233832
Karnika Regency Darnu01892-223199
Mahajan Htl, Dayara Ghera.92102-36791
Mid Way Resort Chaitru01892-201583
Norling GH Sidhbari01892-246406-07
 Palace Heights, Shilla Chowk.01892-223333
River Dale Resort01892-241409
Sajan GH,  Barol01892-224526
Santusti PGH, Kandi01892-246861
Snow Hermitage, Kandi01892-227189
Whispering Winds Resort, Kandi01892-201200

Chamunda Area Hotels and Guest Houses
Abhinandan, Chamunda01892-234413
Amritsar Hotel01892-235762
Atithi Hotel01892-236538
Bombay Palace01892-236900
Himani GH01892-236901
Marvel Hotel01892-236341, 5759
Mona Sita GH01892-236352
Paras Palace, Jandrangal01892-234773
Saadar Hotel01892-236232
Satkar hotel01892-234417
Sharma PGH01892-236134
Sunita Hotel01892-241850
Yatri Niwas, TDC01892-236065

Chamunda Hotel01894-252241-42
Dolphin Hotel,Dadh01894-252311
Jagtamba GH, Dadh01894-252696
Ragni GH, Dadh01894-252150
Surbhi Hill Resort01894-252910
Vatika Hotel01894-252247


  1. I see that there is a phone listing for the Hotel Kailash in Mcleod ganj ..
    It in is my understanding that the Kailash was badly damaged if not completely burnt down a few years back..
    I am mentioning this because if they have rebuilt then i would most certainly stay there again when i'm in the area next November , fantastic food , nice ambiance all round nice location..

  2. yes they are back in business you can contact them on (01892-221044) and get the services.

  3. liked the blog as contains it contain all the information one visitor should know when visiting Mcleordganj Dharamshala

    Information about the hotels and guest house in Mcleordganj Dharamshala with there numbers which can be a good information to anyone to chose the hotel .

  4. As I will be visiting Mcleordganj Dharamshala on Maech 1st week, Please help me to search a best and Budget hotel in Dharamshala Mcleordganj

  5. best time to visit mclerodganj, Dharamshala

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